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We discuss our first world problems in this thread!
RE: We discuss our first world problems in this thread!
(February 23, 2015 at 3:28 am)Cthulhu Dreaming Wrote: My blanket is wrong side up.

Boo fuc...

Oh wait, you're a mod.

Big Grin
RE: We discuss our first world problems in this thread!
Its getting close to spring and I'm going to build a 2nd PC for streaming. I'm concerned I'm going to get too hot when playing in the afternoons. Perhaps I'll have to buy another fan.
RE: We discuss our first world problems in this thread!
The on line form timed out and I had to retype it. Sad
If there is a god, I want to believe that there is a god.  If there is not a god, I want to believe that there is no god.

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