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Atheist Forums Accent Tag! Round 2
RE: Atheist Forums Accent Tag! Round 2
(May 2, 2018 at 9:19 pm)Losty Wrote:
(August 11, 2017 at 10:27 pm)The Industrial Atheist Wrote: Apologies for my hoarse voice and subpar sound quality. I used my phone's voice recorder.


You have a great voice!

Awww thanks so much!
RE: Atheist Forums Accent Tag! Round 2
RE: Atheist Forums Accent Tag! Round 2
So, who’s next?
"Hipster is what happens when young hot people do what old ladies do." -Exian
RE: Atheist Forums Accent Tag! Round 2
I might have to do one.
RE: Atheist Forums Accent Tag! Round 2
Raised in Indiana, lived in Sicily, Puerto Rico, Japan, and ... elsewhere. "Midwestern" accent mashed up with Italian, Spanish, Japanese and the ability to say "Bao Dai!" without sounding stupid. Maybe I'll have a few drinks and give it a shot.
RE: Atheist Forums Accent Tag! Round 2
I've noted a few words that seem to have an unexpected variety of pronunciations but now I can't think of them. If I do I'll make a list and start a new thread for new videos. Big Grin What to fill out the rest of the video with, though...
Teenaged X-Files obsession + Bermuda Triangle episode + Self-led school research project = Atheist.

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