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Peanut Gallery Commentary on the Staff Log of Bannings and such like.
RE: Peanut Gallery Commentary on the Staff Log of Bannings and such like.
(27th February 2017, 20:28)The Valkyrie Wrote:
(27th February 2017, 20:17)c172 Wrote: Wow. Thought Thor would be he next EP. Here forever despite being such an irritant.


Flushed away with the rest of the turds and not making it to Valhalla.

His little turds wouldn't have been such a bother if he'd used the proper facilities rather than the parlor rug.
(16th February 2017, 18:16)TheOther JoeFish Wrote: So what you're saying is that I can harass all of the members I want for the next 168 hours, as long as I do so in my signature?

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