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League of Legends.
RE: League of Legends.
(February 3, 2016 at 12:53 pm)FatAndFaithless Wrote:
(February 3, 2016 at 12:48 pm)Rhythm Wrote: So, i lit a fire under my interwebs last night, seem to be fixed, patched, bought the new op....is the old op still op..tentacle pron lady?

Honestly have never seen a single person play her.  She seems decent and tanky, and then her ult is just like wtf damage.

But new OP is new champion, Jinh. Can get over 2,000 AD ingame.

Pretty much this. I think every new champion is regarded as OP in some way for a while just as people try and figure out how to counter her. Illaoi is fucking powerful in the right hands, but there are ways to quite easily counter her once you know what you're doing.

Jhin on the other hand is just horrifying. I really think he'll need a rework soon.
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RE: League of Legends.
re: illaoi

Nasus /thread. Nasus stacks tentacles, and they have essentially no HP. So it's bam, STACK, bam STACK. And when she leaves lane it's just STACK STACK STACK. Big Grin
RE: League of Legends.
I've been onboard the Nasus Steamroller for a long time.  I have a custom life leech/cdr rune page for the Dog..and his legendary skin, lol.  20%ll at lvl1?  Yes please. It's really funny if you go sustain lane and buy regen starters and pots. You just sit there and farm in their face, eating the hits until they're oom...... and you still have full hp. Still havent gotten to play jin yet...been ramming it.


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