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Children of the 1970's
Children of the 1970's
Hey y'all, any of yous guys grew up during the 70s give a shout out.

From 1970-1979 I was 7-17 years old.  I remember bell bottoms, afros, Olivia Newton-John, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" (Alka-Seltzer commercial), Farrah Fawcett, Star Wars, Three's Company, Jaws, Billie Jean King, Viet Nam, Watergate, Patti Hearst, etc, etc.

What were your fondest memories?

On CNN tonight @ 9 PM EDT will air "The Seventies: One Nation Under Change."  Watch it and tell us what you think.
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RE: Children of the 1970's
That would be me.
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RE: Children of the 1970's
<sigh>  Not me.
RE: Children of the 1970's
If anyone wants to talk about Pink Floyd I'm here (not a 70's kid)
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RE: Children of the 1970's
I was born in 1976... I don't think that counts though Smile

Fun topic!
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RE: Children of the 1970's
What are these "70's" of which you speak?
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RE: Children of the 1970's
Pretty much the same memories. And I'm the same age group, give or take a year.

But I was more into Blondie than Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. Hated the advent of disco. Colorful dresses and tapestries with large flowers. Jason King being a style icon. Cars that had character and could be identified by the sound of their motors. Makeup that looked like fisheyes. And most importantly pong.

I'm not American, but the things I remember about America is Nixon resigning. I was on an Italian beach when I saw the papers. The heli evacuation from the embassy in Saigon, that Jimmy Carter's brother was called silly Billy by the media, which made me and my brother laugh and the Salt negotiations in Vienna in 1979.
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RE: Children of the 1970's
Graduated HS in '75. Did a little college, and got a job and apartment in '76.

My tastes in clothing, music, furniture, decor, etc. froze in the '78/79 era.

Bell bottoms, sideburns, long hair, disco music, black vinyl chairs and chrome and glass tables, I could go on, but you get the idea.

Yes, I am a social leper . . . . .
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RE: Children of the 1970's
I almost missed the 70s entirely. I think it's kind of nice that I got to spend at least a few months in them. I think they left their mark.
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RE: Children of the 1970's
In the 1970s, I was naught through nine.  My fondest memories are of our collie Trixie.  My worst memories are of starting school and getting into a peck of trouble for stabbing my best friend Mickey Doone in the hand with a fork.

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