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Best Fantasy RP Games?
Best Fantasy RP Games?
What are the best fantasy RP games you can recommend? And, preferably ones that are rated below "M."
RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII.

RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
(July 26, 2015 at 12:43 pm)bennyboy Wrote: Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII.


I second these, though I'd say with the exception of XIII, a lot of the entries in the Final Fantasy franchise are worth checking out.

I'd also add The Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Breath of Fire IV, Xenogears, and Dragon Age to that list. Although, Xenogears is probably more Sci-Fi I'm recommending it anyway.
RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
(July 25, 2015 at 9:31 pm)ILoveMRHMWogglebugTE Wrote: What are the best fantasy RP games you can recommend? And, preferably ones that are rated below "M."

Depends on the type of game you're looking for. If it's an online game you need, then the answer is Neverwinder D&D hosted by Perfect World Entertainment. If you need a single player game, then it's Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It has its issues with side quests but if you stick to the main story quests, you'll be fine and you'll like it.
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RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
Depends on what kind of RPG you're looking for.

Personally I wouldn't touch any of the above mentioned games, since they are way to shallow for my liking. Depends also on the platform you're playing on. PC or console - there are atrocious ports to PC and I wouldn't recommend them.
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RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
Ignore Dragon Age from my list, I forgot that game was rated M.
RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
My favorites would have to be Dragon Age: Origins, Skyrim, and Vampire the Masquerade -- Bloodlines: however, all of them are rated M if I'm correct. Still, there are plenty of other awesome RPG's out there. Big Grin
RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
I like all of the Tales games. I don't think any of them are rated higher than T. They don't have the greatest stories, but the gameplay is fun.

If you're looking more for the story though, I'd suggest Persona 4 even though it's rated M. I guess it depends on why you want to stay away from an M rating. The Persona series is great, but it is rated M. Mostly because of the God Mara.
RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System. Smile
RE: Best Fantasy RP Games?
All of the fantasy RP games I play are rated "M" for the most part, but you can't go wrong with the FF's VII - X or Kingdom Hearts I & II, or the first Fable.
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