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Surprise trip to Mt. Evans
Surprise trip to Mt. Evans
Went in search of stuff to shoot on Saturday, and to my surprise found the road to Mt. Evans was open long after CDOT updated it's status to "closed for the season." Since I had missed the only two weeks it was officially open this year due to my car getting totaled, I was thrilled! Of course, this late in the summer, there is no snow left on any of the peaks. Not even the tips of the 14'ers. Just a few, small, isolated glaciers. Still, the views were spectacular and I intend to go back up as soon as the road opens next year, before all the snow melts off.

First, a view of Baseline Reservoir with Boulder Co. in the background:
[Image: Baseline%20Reservoir%20and%20Boulder.jpg]

At the timberline on Mt. Evans is the northernmost large stand of Bristlecone Pines:
[Image: Stand%20of%20Bristlecone%20Pines.jpg]
Many of these trees are over 1,000 years old and some pre-date the alleged events of the new testament.

Summit Lake:
[Image: Summit%20Lake.jpg]
Not actually at the summit. In fact there is another, smaller lake farther up which also isn't at the summit.

A stream and pond fed by the runoff from Summit Lake:
[Image: Stream%20and%20pond%20fed%20from%20Summit%20Lake.jpg]

Denver from near the summit:
[Image: Denver%20from%20near%20the%20summit..jpg]
You can just see Denver International Airport in the top left of the frame.

And here are a few of the residents that allowed me to share their home with them for part of an afternoon:
[Image: Some%20of%20the%20mountain%20residents..jpg]

This was one of the best day trips I've made from Denver. The drive to the top is awe inspiring, even if a bit frightening at points. Very narrow two way road up a mountain with nary a guard rail to be seen. Smile

I took almost 300 photos on this trip. Of course I only had a couple dozen subjects. Digital SLRs make redundant overkill very easy. Big Grin
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RE: Surprise trip to Mt. Evans
Awww! Now I want to go home!
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RE: Surprise trip to Mt. Evans
Nice pics SnakeOil! I could hang out at those type of places all day.
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RE: Surprise trip to Mt. Evans
Wow, thanks for the views. I haven't been on a trip all summer. Soon though, very soon.

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