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Current time: May 20, 2022, 1:14 pm

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How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
Feeling a bit full. Satiated, from a really scrumptious sushi dinner.
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
Yeah, i'm feeling pretty good.
My nephew gave me a hash cookie on new years eve but it crumbled into a thousand pieces in my bag cause my sister stuffed some shit in there.
The bag's been sitting in the corner since then and tonight, after a few rumbos I decided to empty it onto a plate.
spent 15 mins pullig out pubic hairs and rocks and shit.
Ate it.
Whoaha, I'm off me tree.

I hope you all feel as good asme. :-)

I saw aqua man today with a client and went to a star wars convention with anothr client.
It'sbeen a good day with a nce ending.

RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
Not dead at 68. Who knew.
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
I'm alright. Happy with the way my day has gone. That'll do for now.
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
Feline fine, I just knocked a few cups of the table.
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
Liv Tyler is still my muse. I have completed the entire outline for Queen's Gambit. I wrote a complete chapter and drew some storyboards last week. I will continue the project this evening. Coffee
"The world is my country; all of humanity are my brethren; and to do good deeds is my religion." (Thomas Paine)
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
3 days left of my 14 day break - I know it has to end sometime but, I do not want it to.  Consoling
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
A bit less anxious about my March trip to Iceland. I did some research on Reykjavik-origin day trips, got a better handle on prices for museum admissions and food costs, and have transitioned from "O noes!" to "Já, this is definitely doable."
RE: How's Everyone Feeling Right Meow?
I just went off at my daughter for not eating her sandwich like a sandwich but instead picking at the bits she likes, the rest to be wasted and thrown away like usual.
I guess I'm feeling like a real cranky bum right meow.


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