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New Forum Changes
New Forum Changes
You've probably already noticed, but I still wanted to bring attention to the recent changes in our forums.

News and Activism has become a subforum of Atheism. Remember, this forum is largely a place to share links. To clarify, if you simply want to show us a neat article without really generating a thoughtful discussion from that link, it belongs there. Essentially, it's a place for posting links about atheist events, activism, church abuses, etc... that ultimately inform. If you, however, have a link where you tear apart an argument from someone else paragraph by paragraph in the thread itself, that would be considered a discussion and belongs in the Atheism main forum.

Another change we have made is dividing the Religion forum into a few subforums. Since Christianity and Islam garner the most discussion, they now have their own subforums. The third subforum is a catchall for specific discussions about other religions. The main forum should be used for general religious discussion, or discussions that involve multiple religions, and therefor don't fit entirely in the subforums.

Lastly, we tightened up the main forums by combing Math and Science, because Math was not active enough on its own. We also made the Debate forum a subforum of Philosophy because it is also not very active, and most debates are philosophical in nature anyway.

We hope you like these changes, and if you have any further questions or suggestions, let us know!
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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