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Dawkins 'Root of all evil?' clip.
RE: Dawkins 'Root of all evil?' clip.
who is Steven Weinberg?
and since when does he bring food to the table?
who is he to me?

lol he is probably some really famous dude i should know.
the name seems familiar at least.
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RE: Dawkins 'Root of all evil?' clip.
You might try to look up his name on google or ask.com. Smile

Disproving something that doesn't appear to exist is pretty much impossible. I can claim there are 100% transparent stealth bats from an alternative dimension in my cellar, and there is no way you can disprove that. But I would be the one making the claim they do exist. So the demand for evidence for my claim is on me. The same is true for claims about a god or gods.
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