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Groove Music vs Windows media player
Groove Music vs Windows media player
I know this might be an odd thing to be so passionate and emotional about.

But it is one of my biggest hates when new technology is much shitter than new technology, especially when the new technology is kind of thrust upon you.

Since I started using the new windows I've been putting up with this piece of shit known as Groove music.  

It reminds me a lot of my iphone, it's great at doing a million things I have no interest in doing but awkward and a bit fucked up in doing the simple things like the one specific thing it's designed to do which is play fucking music.

Today groove music went from just being slow to grinding to a halt entirely and just refused to play any wavs so I put the effort in and figured out that I still have windows media player on this computer and can use that now instead.

My god the SPEED DIFFERENCE!!!  There's no high definition pictures of cool people listening to music that have to load up with it, there's not a million functions that slowly have to load up.  It just plays WAVs in a fraction of a second.  

It could just be my computer that didn't like this groove music, but right now my opinion is fuck groove music, windows media player all the way.

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RE: Groove Music vs Windows media player
I use Spotify.
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