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Bit of fun: Maverick vs. Boss
Bit of fun: Maverick vs. Boss
Hey so, this is a thread where you post dialogue between the hard-nosed, take-no-crap, corner cutting maverick and his long suffering, stressed out boss. They can be lines taken from real things, or your own original ones. I'll start off with a couple:

(From the Simpsons)

[Image: 1gapqr.jpg]

[Image: 1gapvj.jpg]

Boss: I don't want to hear it McBain! You're out of here!

Mcbain: [Kicks boss out of window] That makes two of us.

Chief: You're off the case!

Maverick: No, you're off the case chief!

Chief: What does that even mean?

Homer: [Yelling at TV] It means you're a stupid chief!
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RE: Bit of fun: Maverick vs. Boss
Another good one is...

Chief) You made a pretty bad mess of that house Mcgonagle!

Mcgonagle) You had a pretty good view from behind your desk chief.

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