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Vaccinations are Haram apparently, and Muhammadans never get AIDS...
Vaccinations are Haram apparently, and Muhammadans never get AIDS...
Anti-vacine boy boldly asserts at 3:47 in the video "According my religion vaccinations are forbidden". Vaccinations are enforced by the military in African countries (supposedly) to increase profits for big pharmaceutical companies and "vaccines are used to spread disease. Many hilarious statements in the video, such as "taking vaccines leads to a weaker immune system".

I had a good laugh. This boy Adam Roth (in the video) is a wonderful comedian. Real shame people take him seriously. It is clear the Cult of Najd, from this video and many others, is an enemy of humanity and wishes to destroy it. I say vaccinate them all mwuhaha!

Formally known as MRNMP...

Did you know that somebody born in space (e.g. on Mars) will NEVER be able to conduct Hajj or Umrah because the gravity of the Earth will be too much for their bodies to handle? You can forget about giving Dawah to Luke Skywalker, because he will never be able to visit Mecca. If you have to retrofit the Quran then that should be a clear a sign as any that your religion is not the right one. And that's the Quran debunked. Easy.
RE: Vaccinations are Haram apparently, and Muhammadans never get AIDS...
Maybe because they don't listen to the fucking pope and use condoms?

Just guessing.   Angel


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