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For Fantasy/Sci-Fiction Lovers: What Makes You Reada Book?
RE: For Fantasy/Sci-Fiction Lovers: What Makes You Reada Book?
(11th January 2017, 16:56)Aoi Magi Wrote:
(11th January 2017, 15:32)Rhondazvous Wrote: Jawan hadn’t been allowed to see his parents in eight years after the powerful Earth mage apprenticed him, and now he never would.  They’d been struck down by the deadly purple plague that ravaged Hadley Town.  When his master’s magic fails to find a clue to this mystery ailment, Jawan embarks on his own search, and finds himself trapped in  a world one billionth his normal size.

I think just the above is fine without the sub-atomic queen and other plot points.
You got it! Those 67 words are all I need. Less is more, no?
Nietzsche isn't dead. How do I know he lives? He lives in my mind.
RE: For Fantasy/Sci-Fiction Lovers: What Makes You Reada Book?
You said this is what you want to see, and here'tis:

Here is the review for the novel Queen of the Quantum Realm. This is the one where Alex K helped me by authenticating the names and behaviors of elementary particles.


This review is just the first of more to come.

Right now kindle is the only venue that’s ready for sales.


But I’m waiting for Amazon to send me a physical copy of the paperback so I can check it out before it goes live. Smashwords is also in review at this time.

I’m building a website where you can go and read/listen to an excerpt
Nietzsche isn't dead. How do I know he lives? He lives in my mind.

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