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Moral Acts
RE: Moral Acts
(13th January 2017, 20:32)Neo-Scholastic Wrote: You and I have been around for a while. We're pretty stable members, so I'm not concerned about that. Between you and I this would be more of a private but formal 1:1, not a challenge. I already have great respect for you and hopefully you feel the same. I propose 3 posts each: opening statement, 1 reply, and a closing statement. Let's also agree to post at our convenience.

I'm not sure how stable I am, but people often call me a member. Tongue

It seems to me likely that we'll have to define terms, so we might have to play around with the number of posts.  But I like the closed format: 3 posts each should keep the copy-paste explosion and the wheel-spinning to a minimum.

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