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IHOP Sues a Prayer Group.
IHOP Sues a Prayer Group.

Apparently, IHOP is upset because International House of Prayer infringes on their famous acronym.
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RE: IHOP Sues a Prayer Group.
What? REPEATING ACRONYMS? This NEVER has happened before :o
RE: IHOP Sues a Prayer Group.
Hmmm pancakes... At least that's something more tangible than prayer Smile
RE: IHOP Sues a Prayer Group.
Their lawyers will eventually come to some sort of in-between settlement... Where the International House of Pancakes is allowed to keep the acronym, but is court-ordered to only pray about pancakes.
RE: IHOP Sues a Prayer Group.
Mmmmmm...I love me some pancakes. Would it work okay for IHOPancakes if IHOPrayer only prayed in IHOPancakes places?

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