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Have we failed as a species?
RE: Have we failed as a species?
I think we are scrambling to keep up with lifestyles that are well beyond our means as a species. The rapid use of resources and complete disregard for the health of the rock on which we sit shows that we haven't, as a whole, put a lot of thought into what we're doing and/or where we are going. We're, at this point, just trying to keep up with the merry-go-round.

And so be it. We'll either eventually discover a way to colonize other planets, which is what I think will happen (and sooner than some might think) or we will eventually run ourselves into ruin and maybe be faced with some sort of post apocalyptic wasteland in the end of it all. That's if global warming or an asteroid doesn't take us out first.

Either way, I don't think we're headed in a great direction. At least not if things remain exactly as they are now. But I think change is coming.
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