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Current time: 28th May 2017, 16:24

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ALIEN Convenant
RE: ALIEN Convenant
(24th May 2017, 13:37)Fake Messiah Wrote:
(19th May 2017, 13:32)Gawdzilla Sama Wrote: The question was never answered, was Bill ever mistaken for a man?
Yeah impersonating Schwarzenegger but still having a small penis that is pathetic.

OK I watched the new Alien and it's your typical Alien movie that I even felt like I was watching Alien 4 in the cinema, although this is better movie then that. So like I said it's your usual Alien romp and pomp with a little intermission where there is some exposition where they tie all the movies kind of neatly. I guess die hard Alien fans will feel this is ruining their Enola Gay spaceship that was supposed to be in 1st Alien but there is some sort of poetic justice in this way. Also even the scene that I called "BS trailer" made it, although only parts of it.
Nevertheless movie ends (oh please spare me with your spoiler purity it's a mainstream movie) with little aliens being vomited on basically a conveyor belt which almost gives a feeling that Alien has become some sort of cancer of the silver screen - you just can't get rid of it.

All in all it left me craving for something that is yet to me made like a big space opera horror movie. Maybe they could have used that Enola Gay storyline that there were these huge species of aliens fighting in space and these "elephants" made this desperate weapon to beat their opponents but failed and now after many thousands of years human kind found this people that were battling "elephant" aliens and they had to fight them...
Never sell.

[Image: footfall-3.jpg]
RE: ALIEN Convenant
(3 hours ago)Fake Messiah Wrote:
(24th May 2017, 14:29)emjay Wrote: I'm not particularly looking forward to this new film... from the trailers I've seen of it. It looks too similar to the first one, so yeah, I would've hoped they'd try something new.

Sure, the movie is a turd but still sort of mindless fun. It's kind of like straight to DVD movie. And let's rant about it: I seem to realize that I didn't like "Prometheus" not because it seems to me as stretched last 20 mins of "Tommyknockers" but because Scott didn't have any fun in it. While "C" is very derivative Scott did find some fun in some scenes like when Katherine Waterston is waking up. She is in the freezer and it starts shaking and then waking up, it looked interesting and I was under impression that Katherine Waterston had more interesting presence then all of the other actors in "P". I remember how Theron was boring and useless (like a decoration for a movie) and I remember thinking in that scene where she is sitting on the couch how Scott probably spent more time picking that couch and pillows on it then on the script. Plus there was more action in this because it seems they concluded that the "mysterious" part of "C" didn't work.

(24th May 2017, 14:29)emjay Wrote: in that it has scenes from the original Alien film (such as the massive dead creature in a chair) that were never explained in the first one, but which make sense in light of this one (or they did when I watched it last... I've completely forgotten now what all that was about Wink).
To be honest "Prometheus" didn't make any sense to me and in "Covenant" it seems they distanced themselves from it as much as they could and to be honest  if I bother to think more about "Covenant" I would probably conclude that it didn't make much sense especially for AvP movies and that it turned Alien movies into Battlestar Galactica.

Okay, well please don't give me any spoilers cos I'm actually going to see it now Wink When I wrote all that I a) didn't know it was already out in the cinemas and b) just thought I'd probably do what I usually do which is wait for it to come out on DVD (ie it takes a lot to get me to go to the cinema usually). But since I'm making a day of it, I'm choosing to think positively about the film Wink But if it's still a dud, at least we can all have fun ranting about it Wink

But anyway, the potential spoilers here are not really spoilers for me because I don't know Tommyknockers or Battlestar Galactica, so all's good   Wink I can talk about Prometheus though. Personally, I liked it... I liked the whole evolution angle. But some of it it did seem a little bit too Hollywood (as opposed to gritty)... like the ion storm or whatever that they faced... such a scene would never have happened in the earlier films... but I guess that's 'progress' for you  Wink As to 'C', I'll be happy if it's a) gritty over Hollywood, b) has more than one alien, and c) has an alien queen... but again, please don't tell me... as much as I want to know, I don't want to know more since I'm going to see it Big Grin

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