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Mormon girl "comes out" at church
RE: Mormon girl "comes out" at church
I'm glad her parents are supportive of her and shame on her church for making her cry. There's nothing wrong with being homosexual and someone's reaction should be no more than, "Ok, that's fine. Love you no matter what. Want to grab some lunch?" And maybe throw in a, "I'm here to talk when you need to." However I cannot say I'm surprised. At 12 years old I doubt she had the foresight to understand that it was likely to go down this way. Bully for her for coming out - takes a lot of courage. At least her parents and hopefully some of her friends will be supportive.
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RE: Mormon girl "comes out" at church
(June 13, 2018 at 5:44 pm)Joods Wrote: Don't you just love it when old threads are necroed? 🤣🙃😂😀🤔

I know, right? I saw this on the "new posts" feed and thought "this happened again?" Then I noticed it was the same incident.
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