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The WLB Effect Is Starting To Take Hold
The WLB Effect Is Starting To Take Hold

Quote:US private payrolls growth slows in June as jobless claims rise for a third straight week

Quote:U.S. private employers hired fewer workers than expected in June and applications for unemployment benefits last week increased for a third straight week, pointing to some loss of momentum in job growth as the labor market nears full employment.

And -


Quote:Hopes of ‘Trump Bump’ for U.S. Economy Shrink as Growth Forecasts Fade

Quote:The promise of faster economic growth has become a study in the triumph of hope over experience.
While the June jobs report, coming on Friday, is expected to show that hiring continued at a healthy pace last month, other recent indicators in areas like consumer spending, construction and auto sales have been decidedly less robust.
As a result, Wall Street forecasters have been busy lowering their growth estimates for the second quarter, which ended last Friday, much as they were forced to do over the first three months of the year. Economic expansion for the full year now appears unlikely to be much greater than 2 percent — about the average for the current recovery, which celebrates its eighth year this month.
While hardly terrible, it is not the burst of growth — a “Trump bump” — that many expected to result from an upturn in consumer and business sentiment after President Trump’s election.
Mr. Trump himself declared upon taking office that his policies would produce 4 percent annual growth, and just this week said on Twitter to affirm that “things are starting to kick in now.”

Exactly, fucktard.

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