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Cash for vasectomy....
RE: Cash for vasectomy....
(October 20, 2010 at 12:34 am)ib.me.ub Wrote:
Quote:It becomes a general rule when applied to a large body along cultural lines.

That dosen't mean it is the correct method, becuase the majority think it is. Take a look at religion!

Look at language. Defined by the major usage of such.

It is an approximate method that works well in our context, which is definitions.

(October 20, 2010 at 12:34 am)ib.me.ub Wrote: But I am a bit confused with the way you have worded this. Are you talking to Existentialist or myself?

What is meant purely to Existentialist is said so accordingly. The rest is generalized.

And I am still waiting for the supposed proof or line of logic that shows this is unethical or something.

Put up or shut up. The burden of proof on ye hawkers of the word "unethical" lies within.
RE: Cash for vasectomy....
Just stumbled onto this thread... 5 pages, no time to read them all so forgive me if this has been asked already;

How much can I get and where do I sign up?
I used to tell a lot of religious jokes. Not any more, I'm a registered sects offender.
...the least christian thing a person can do is to become a christian. ~Chuck
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RE: Cash for vasectomy....
(October 19, 2010 at 6:54 pm)Existentialist Wrote: And I respect your right to hold this belief. However, I believe in the freedom of people to express their views in their own words. It's not as if either of us can ethically impose our beliefs on the other, is it?
Cat moustache bananary who wine spent in lactose pizazz Austin envelope?
RE: Cash for vasectomy....
Adrian, I'll thank you not to say such things about my mother.
'We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.' H.L. Mencken

'False religion' is the ultimate tautology.

'It is just like man's vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.' Mark Twain

'I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.' Abraham Lincoln
RE: Cash for vasectomy....
adrian, I see what you did there; bananary isn't a real word- What do I win-

by the way, I've decided to end senteces with hypens from now on and NOT capitalize anything unless it is for emphasis- i'm sure existentialist will defend my right to do this-

Ok, I've changed my mind again.

RE: Cash for vasectomy....
'bananary' is a real word...in my dictionary.

RE: Cash for vasectomy....
Churro whizbag chiggy wiggy.

One of my duties at my frat is to make sure a certain pledge does his work area and get's a bit thick at times. I feel like Jack Sparrow when I start saying things like "Sweepy Sweepy! Pushy Push!"

RE: Cash for vasectomy....
I am with Existentialist. This is a disgusting practice that does nothing to help drug addicts, and instead takes advantage of them.

Fucking Eugenics.
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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RE: Cash for vasectomy....
I think it's perfectly fine as long as it's done voluntarily by the drug addict in question. Also, one would have to ensure somehow that the money does not go towards the purchase of more drugs.

I know people who turned out normal, and their parents were not so normal to begin with.
RE: Cash for vasectomy....
(October 21, 2010 at 7:50 pm)Amethyst Wrote: I think it's perfectly fine as long as it's done voluntarily by the drug addict in question.
That's just the point though. The offer of payment neutralises the voluntary aspect.

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