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Cats & Kids - beautiful
Cats & Kids - beautiful

Quote:AtlasS33 wrote:
"When it comes to the deiety I worship, he sent a book, it contained a message. I took that message, tested it, then I realized he is God : it didn't break against reality."
Pulse Wrote:
~ Atheism seems so incredibly counter intuitive, that to even begin to take it seriously, one has to suspend all logic."
Godscreated Wrote:
~ Magic is an illusion, what God does isn't an illusion it is real and unexplainable. If you mean I would call it a miracle, you're right."

Religion: making the uncomfortable comfortable for thousands of years.
RE: Cats & Kids - beautiful
Aww, that's lovely.
-You only hear what you want to hear. - Thanks, I like to keep it short in summer.
- Look at this Charles. It's a new book called 'Why men don't listen and women can't read maps'.
- What are you talking about Edna, of course I can read a map.


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