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Question in relation to television series writing
Question in relation to television series writing
Looking at the credits for some shows, I notice that a different writer works on each episode.

How does that work exactly?

Is it that a group of writers actually work together on the series and only one person is given credit for individual episodes? (If that's the case, seems unfair to me)

Or is it that the individual mentioned as the writer for the episode wrote it alone; if that is the case, I suppose the writer stays on task with the series by reading what other individual writers have written for the episodes previous to the one being worked on? (Just seems complicated and an unnecessary way of creating a show)
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RE: Question in relation to television series writing
My understanding, based on things I've read and interviews I've seen, most shows have a core of writers who determine, with the producers, what's going to happen in a particular show over the season, and they throw out ideas to fill out the series.

They then assign individual episodes to the writers while the overall story arc is written by specific writers into particular episodes.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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