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Just turned off the New Hawaii Five O series.....
Just turned off the New Hawaii Five O series.....
Ok, the most insulting part was that in the opening tease, not the opening theme, but the tease for the plot, they used pictures of the two actors who quit the show. Literally framed pictures of the actors, depicting a restaurant Steve and Dano opened together.

Ok, but this brings up a really huge plot hole. In my real life I worked at a breakfast place owned by a RETIRED DC cop....... KEY WORD RETIRED.

There is no way two full time cops are also at the same time going to run a restaurant. I used to like the new series being a fan of the old one. But after the two actors, quit because of harassment and bigotry, I am now done.

And even the brief moment watching the tease, the writers are not even doing any original shit. There was an old episode in the original series where the island was threatened by a deadly virus with a deadline to find the antidote. The tease tonight implies the same threat.

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