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Omg, Avicii died
RE: Omg, Avicii died
Never heard of him till this thread. Looked him up, he was cute. Naughty
[Image: mtfbwyf.jpg]
RE: Omg, Avicii died
I just liked that hey brother song, it reminds me of that summer when the song was popular.  I didn't know anything about the creator of the song but I imagined he would be a clean cut European with no vices at all.

Are you ready for the fire? We are firemen. WE ARE FIREMEN! The heat doesn’t bother us. We live in the heat. We train in the heat. It tells us that we’re ready, we’re at home, we’re where we’re supposed to be. Flames don’t intimidate us. What do we do? We control the flame. We control them. We move the flames where we want to. And then we extinguish them.

Impersonation is treason.

RE: Omg, Avicii died
I never liked his music but I hope he died painlessly.
RE: Omg, Avicii died
They're playing his music all weekend here on NOVA FM

He was quite talented... RIP
No God, No fear.
Know God, Know fear.
RE: Omg, Avicii died

RE: Omg, Avicii died
So sad. My partner introduced me to his music on YouTube only a week or so ago. The music is not bad.
RE: Omg, Avicii died
I agree it's not bad.

Sad a person died.
RE: Omg, Avicii died
The more I've been reading about him, it sounded like he struggled with fame. He didn't like being in the limelight. I think he just loved making music but fame has a way of pushing you along, and eventually he started touring which kept him drinking to escape. I'm not sure what he died of, but sounds like he put his body through a lot with drinking since he was a teen.
RE: Omg, Avicii died
(April 21, 2018 at 1:52 pm)*Deidre* Wrote: The more I've been reading about him, it sounded like he struggled with fame. He didn't like being in the limelight.
Sounds similar to Kurt Cobain.

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