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Looking for a specific comic posted at AF
Looking for a specific comic posted at AF
Hi. Some time back, someone posted a comic about a robot, and a ghost in the machine piloting the robot, and a group of philosophers musing about what exactly it means. In the comic, the ghost gets knocked from the machine but the two still operate in synch. I think the title of the comic was metaphysical man or something like that. I'd like to find that comic. If you know the thread or post that comic was in, could you help me out by sharing that information?
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RE: Looking for a specific comic posted at AF
believe that was tiz (and others)..if that helps narrow it down.
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RE: Looking for a specific comic posted at AF
Call off the dogs! The comic has been found. Thank you, Khemikal for tipping me off to who the poster was, and thank you, Tiz, for the link and for the original post of the comic.
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