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News So Good I Have to Share It
News So Good I Have to Share It
I joined the reading challenge of the Scifi/Fantasy club at Goodreads. They have a long list of books eligible to meet the challenge, which is to read as many books as you can by the end of the year. I wasn't expecting it to be there but I did a search for my book anyway. To my utter delight, it's on the list!


I searched for Queen of the Quantum Realm. This is the book Alex K. worked so closely to authenticate the names and behaviors of elementary particles. Also, mh.brewer, vorlon, Boru et al contributed to the knowledge that went into this book. And my boy Ignoramus needs to pat himself on the back for the support and inspiration he gave me.

Thank You!
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RE: News So Good I Have to Share It
This is indeed good news. Congratulations!
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RE: News So Good I Have to Share It
Yes, I inspire people to NOT be an ignoramus!

My job here is complete...
Big Grin
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RE: News So Good I Have to Share It
Very cool!
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RE: News So Good I Have to Share It
Yay congrats to you!! Heart
RE: News So Good I Have to Share It

Well done, Rhonda!
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RE: News So Good I Have to Share It
This is awesome. I noticed it's teen friendly. I'm going to ask my kids if they would like to read it. It looks really interesting.

So my daughter is really interested in reading the book. She is very interested in all things science and math. How would I be able to purchase a signed copy for her?
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