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Difference between Pompeo and 45....
Difference between Pompeo and 45....
Don't get me wrong, I hate the GOP on domestic social and economic issues. But I just watched Pompeo speak about Iran, and THAT is the way you would want a President to speak to oppressive states. 

You don't threaten war every fucking week to a new country to stroke your ego. You don't bend over and invite a dictator to fuck you in the ass on international TV after insulting your allies.

But I have to give Pompeo credit. He spoke to the Iranian people as being separate from the government ruling over them. That is what you do. You make it clear you are not against individuals but are also firm, not bombastic, to the leaders.

I may hate the GOP but I would feel far more comfortable with Pompeo in office rather than the dangerous fuck we have now.

I hate what Reagan did as far as domestic economics. But he did the same thing, he appealed to the desires of the population and unity in the free world, was firm with Gorbachev.

What we have in office now is a childish bully who is simply trying to protect his own ego.
RE: Difference between Pompeo and 45....
The WLB likes war.  First off, it is only 3 letters so it is easy for him to pronounce.
RE: Difference between Pompeo and 45....
Are you sure it’s his ego he’s stroking when Trump makes these ranting threats?
Sanity adjacent.


RE: Difference between Pompeo and 45....
No, he's trying to distract from the info that just came out on his fellow traitor, Carter Page.

He only impresses the fucking morons who are already kissing his orange ass.

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