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Anyone got news on college playoffs?
Anyone got news on college playoffs?
Outside Ohio State I really don't pay attention unless they are being considered. They dropped in rank mid season, but went back up to I think 6, and some announcers were speculating they could still make it in. 

But I am not finding any news on the teams. I do know tonight at 8pm Ohio is playing Northwestern for division championship, but that's it.
RE: Anyone got news on college playoffs?
Ohio won, I did NOT watch the game, because I don't want to see fucking ads on the field. To much fucking corporate crap in sports now.
RE: Anyone got news on college playoffs?
I didn't catch the game but I did hear about this awesome pillow. my pillow is the best!
RE: Anyone got news on college playoffs?
Shit.  I thought it said "payoffs" and man, they all do that.

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