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Your point of living?
RE: Your point of living?
(May 7, 2019 at 11:19 am)Mister Agenda Wrote: I enjoy reading books. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end. What would be the point of trying to read a book that continues forever? I could never finish it no matter how hard I tried. What would be the point of having such a thing? In a sense, people are their stories, and though I'd like mine to be long, what's the point of this life if it's just an infinitesimal blip in a story that never ends?

One of the cousins told that the Universe will end when he dies.

He passed on last year.

RE: Your point of living?
(April 6, 2019 at 2:53 pm)joe90 Wrote: Dear Atheists,

What's your point of living? You're all eventually going to die. When you die, there will be no afterlife. It's almost as if you never existed in the first place because you'll forget you'll ever existed, thus you'll forget about anything that made you happy in life and any good moments in life. You can "make the best of it" while you're "here on Earth" for these "rare 80 [only if you're lucky] years", but in the end it won't matter. Most people won't leave behind a legacy, and even if you left one behind, it won't last long. Even famous luminaries like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley will be forgotten sooner than later. Your contributions to humanity won't matter either because humanity will end, and life on Earth will be wiped out by a meteor in a few centuries from now or even sooner. If that doesn't happen, humans will go extinct anyway by robots.

I'm not that important, and neither are you.
RE: Your point of living?
What's my point of living? Well, at this stage of my life (I'm 71) I live for food, movies and Mahjong.  Hungry  Popcorn

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