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Suggestion: atheism source links
Suggestion: atheism source links
We should have a post with atheistic source links.

Links whereby we can click and learn more, even choose to provide those links to theists during debates, etc.

Links like:

The main reason I bring this up is because I was doing a quick search and one would think "history for atheists" would be a history site for atheists. It wasn't. I admit I only skimmed the first time. Then I went back and read the "about" page.

Anywho, this would be a good idea, no?
RE: Suggestion: atheism source links
If we had a peanut gallery for that I'd be good. Discussions bury too many sources too often.
RE: Suggestion: atheism source links
Yeah, if that's what you call it. A peanut gallery for the links would be good.
RE: Suggestion: atheism source links
I'd ask for the source thread to be moderated. That's usually less work for the staff in these things.

"You may submit a post for this thread if it's a source. If your post is a source it may be added to this thread. Otherwise please post *here* to discuss items in the source thread."

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