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How Richard Neal (D-MA) is helping Donald Trump
How Richard Neal (D-MA) is helping Donald Trump
Richard Neal (link to Ballotpedia) - Chairman of Ways and Means - is a very confusing fellow. Not only has he is taken $11,000 from people who have hosted fundraisers for Donald Trump (what happened to the #resistance?), there's this:

In May, the state of New York passed a new amendment, which was subsequently signed (link to NY State Senate) into law by Andrew Cuomo, that grants certain congressional committees access to state income tax returns – committees like Neal’s Ways and Means panel, which has been after Trump’s federal returns since April.

Source (includes a copy of the full bill as well)

As the article notes:

Quote:Trump’s state returns would almost surely feature quite a bit of the information Neal is after given that New York is the president’s home state and the epicenter of his business “empire” (scare quotes are there because considering what everyone now knows about Trump’s not-at-all-illustrious career, it’s not clear if “empire” is the right word).

The state of New York says: "Hey Richard, if you want the president's state tax returns you can have them - they will surely help Congress."

To which Richard replies: "Nah, I'm good, I love all of the money I've been getting from Donald's cronies."


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