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Should college sports players be paid?
RE: Should college sports players be paid?
If the schools aren’t paying them, there’s nothing to balk at, imo. I do think some schools ought to cough it up, though.
RE: Should college sports players be paid?
I wish college athletes would stop masquerading as students.
RE: Should college sports players be paid?
I agree. In Portugal we don't have such things as college players. Heh, even the college course of Sports  isn't aimed at players per se, but to give them education that might help them after their sport career ends. I guess at the end, such courses make for better coaches.

There are games between colleges, but they are played in an amateur fashion.

IMHO, in the US if players are playing professionally, they should get payed. If the sport is played as an addition to your other curriculum then no.

The problem with the US system is that you will find yourself with a lot of graduates without any other skill than the short carrer of a professional athlete, while flaunting a degree.
RE: Should college sports players be paid?
I flat refused to "help" a now famous quarterback through his courses at ... a large Midwestern university.

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