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PompeiiO, a corruption poem.
PompeiiO, a corruption poem.
PompeiiO, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB and @brianrrs37 on twitter).
"You try it",
"No, you try it"
"Lets get Mikey
He'll try anything"
The life of sycophants
Blind loyalists , brownshirt ants
Barr and Rudy
Supporters ignore the rumblings
Of old white men
To the magma
Of MAGA antiquity
79 was the year
When the orange volcano
Pyroclastic flow
Bigotry and hate the top does blow
"Hey Mikey
He likes it"
Lack of oversight
The bullies unite
Then when called out
The volcano does shout
"I am the victim
You are not allowed
To question my power
Though I am the grifter
Held to account
I will be never"
I will dump my ash
All over you
I will destroy our Republic
I never valued
I will leave your rights
In plaster cast
Flatten freedom
For lust of power
You will die
Running to the sea
Trying to escape
My hypocrisy
In the boat houses
You choke on heat
My loyal minions
Do not see
I care not of you
I am the volcano
With a sycophant
Like Mike PompeiiO

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