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Everything & Nothing
Everything & Nothing
Last night i watched a film/documentary on Amazon Prime, It was called 'Everything & Nothing: The Amazing science of Empty space'' It's an hour and half long but highly recommended. It had me riveted from start to finish.

It first talks about how we came to understand everything, (we know so far) then how we are understanding what was previously thought of as nothing.  It's presented in an understandable way and in chronological order explaining carefully why we believe what we believe, who discovered it and when.

It'superbly presented by Jim Al-Khalili, in a clear understandable way (even for me) and uses simple language throughout explaining carefully the scientific language used along with examples.

I recommend it for those who are posting the 'something from nothing' drivel and any atheist, no matter their experience.
'Those who ask a lot of questions may seem stupid, but those who don't ask questions stay stupid'

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