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The Good Commandments
RE: The Good Commandments
(September 11, 2020 at 6:30 pm)god bother Wrote: The Good Commandments.
1 – Thou shall not put one race above another – I created all people equal.
2 – Thou shall not put one sex above another – like I said, I created all people equal.
3 – Thou shall not cast the blame upon children for the consequences of your own weaknesses.
4 – I am the one true God – taking offense on my behalf is the gravest of sins. Oh, hang on, it’s obviously not the gravest, but it really does irk me.
5 – I am the one true God – so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if many people don’t believe it. Seriously! I’m good with it.
6 – I didn’t create you guys a back-up planet – don’t waste it.
7 – Thou shall not ignore poverty and injustice – NO, starting your own foundation doesn’t impress me much.
8 – Thou shall take the big hint from evolution – I dig diversity.
9 – If thou feels sorry for something then apologize, but not to me. All creation is mine and you can’t hurt my feelings. Anyway, I have a cosmic sense of humour
10 – Football is not religion! – Well, ok, maybe even I’m conflicted on that one.
1. God never did that. He punished people for their actions, Jews and gentiles are punished by God.
2. God never puts men above women, but women are more likely to listen to the devil.
3. You have to look at context and why God did this. Children tend to obey parents and live the same lifestyle. 
4. God has to be just and punish sin. He did it to Himself through His son, to also introduce His Son to the world. 
5. Everyone has believed in God at some point, if people choose to stop seeking and believing that is on them.
6. There is no back planet.
7. God doesnt ignore poverty and injustice, the governments do, who by the way the poor people let rule over them, i have seen and learnt that personally. There are a lot of people that couldnt care less about God.
8. Evolution is unproven and not valid, fossils can be interpreted wrong. There are scientists that also believe in the bible and verify everything, but you choose preference over knowledge. 
9. We can apologise to God personally we do not need fathers, that is something the Catholics made up.
10. Football is not religion what else does it do apart from give you happy thoughts for a time.
RE: The Good Commandments
nice try
its good that there is no condemnation of lying, theft, adultery, or murder

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