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Difference between religion & conspiracy theory?
Difference between religion & conspiracy theory?
What are the differences between religion and conspiracy theory?

teachings of the Bible are so muddled and self-contradictory that it was possible for Christians to happily burn heretics alive for five long centuries. It was even possible for the most venerated patriarchs of the Church, like St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, to conclude that heretics should be tortured (Augustine) or killed outright (Aquinas). Martin Luther and John Calvin advocated the wholesale murder of heretics, apostates, Jews, and witches. - Sam Harris, "Letter To A Christian Nation"
RE: Difference between religion & conspiracy theory?
They don't charge you for a conspiracy theory. There is no collection plate
RE: Difference between religion & conspiracy theory?
(February 7, 2021 at 10:08 am)onlinebiker Wrote: They don't charge you for a conspiracy theory. There is no collection plate

Christians supported Hitler, no not all Christians, but it was Germany's majority. Christians supported Stalin, no, not all Christians did, but Russian Orthodox Christianity never left Russia, it is still the majority religion under Putin.

Even Buddhism and Hinduism have had their internal and external beefs. If one is basing their life on ancient mythology as the seat of human morality, it most certainly is not impossible to collect money in modern times to appeal to those who ascribe to mythology and use conspiracy to sell fear to keep power.

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