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Ayn Rand blamed for current state of America
RE: Ayn Rand blamed for current state of America
(June 24, 2021 at 6:07 pm)no one Wrote: One night, many years ago. Many, many, years ago, I was at a county fair. There was a band playing, the more I listened to them, the more I thought, WOW!, this guy is a good drummer. A damn good drummer. I'm thinking, this is incredible, this might be the best drummer I have ever heard. How? How can somebody this good be stuck playing in some two-bit county fair? Naturally, I have to see this drummer. I wander through the crowd making my way towards the sound. The percolating anticipation of witnessing what might be the greatest drummer on Earth, was quickly defeated when I finally arrived at the stage to discover that it was actually 6 guys, each with 1 drum.

I've seen Rush three times, live. Neil was an octopus.

RE: Ayn Rand blamed for current state of America
I've seen them several times as well, he was practically inhuman.

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