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I called it.
I called it.
Years ago I was taking a motorcycle road trip and had the misfortune of passing through Gary Indiana. Whatta shithole. Dirty, stinking and looking like a 1960s version of Bladerunner. Without the charm.

Thereafter if I wanted to condemn someone to hell (which as an atheist I don' t believe in) - I would wish them a trip to Gary. I simply considered it the worst place readily available.

I have been vindicated in my assessment.


Go to Gary ya sons a bitch....

RE: I called it.
Do you have the winning Powerball numbers by chance?
RE: I called it.
Tell me more of your biking adventurs, Mr Biker Man.
[Image: boy-head-hands-lying-cushions-portrait-c...985945.jpg]
[Image: 6QOh5df.jpg]
RE: I called it.

Had two of those.

A 98 - the last bike I had - and a 99 - the one I was on when I got run over by a truck.....

Triumph Adventurer than is....

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