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What is the metaethical meaning of 'should'?
What is the metaethical meaning of 'should'?
What is the metaethical meaning of 'should'? In my view to say it means that an action decreases or prevents harm.

For example "You should do X" means "Doing X decreases or prevents harm".

More specifically, decreases or prevents suffering overall.

What about yourself? What is your metaethics like? And, more specfically, again: What do you think the metaethical meaning of 'should' is? Do you think that there is one? Aside from a mere dictionary definition, I mean. Is there a non-circular ontology? Is there an ostensive definition for it? Or are you a non-cognitivist? Or not?

What is the metaethical meaning of 'should'?
Schopenhauer Wrote:The intellect has become free, and in this state it does not even know or understand any other interest than that of truth.

Epicurus Wrote:The greatest reward of righteousness is peace of mind.

Epicurus Wrote:Don't fear god,
Don't worry about death;

What is good is easy to get,

What is terrible is easy to endure
RE: What is the metaethical meaning of 'should'?
I take "should" to mean whatever you want to do, unless it would get you in trouble. Unless you don't mind getting in trouble, then just do whatever you want.
"Imagination, life is your creation."

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