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Atheism assault on Christianity
RE: Atheism assault on Christianity
I criticise all religions equally in the case of whether they are true or not. However some religions are more deadly (or potentially deadly) than others.

If I particulary criticise christianity that is just because I'm most familar with that religion and I simply use it as an example of religion, I'm in fact speaking against all religions.

This does not mean I am particularly against christianity or any religion. I disagree with them all. They are all equally untrue.

Futhermore... not only do most atheists here probably live in or come from christian countries, - or that they used to be christian and 'converted' to atheism...Not only that; also most theists that come to this board to criticise us atheists seem to be christians too.
RE: Atheism assault on Christianity
As I have stated several times I am a former evangelist turned atheist over 14 years ago.I hate christianity and any god or gods that play the role of tyrant.The biblical god Jehova was very fond of controlling his people through fear and the threat of death for the most rediculous infractions.Not to mention the trail of blood that follows christianity and islam specifically.The countless deaths and murders committed by those so called devout followers of truth during the inquisitions,crusades and witch hunts just to mention a few.
There is nothing people will not maintain when they are slaves to superstition


RE: Atheism assault on Christianity
OF COURSE we assault Christianity first. What merit would a war for democracy have (figuratively, not American) if it was started by a fascist nation?

The first enemy that has to go is the enemy at your doorstep.

Nevermind the militant wording, I'm just being colourful.

Of course there's nothing that makes Judaism or Islam or Hinduism (or ...) better than Christianity -- they are all equally inane theist ideologies. In fact, they are at least as diverse (maybe Islam the most as they lack any meaningful organisation and are historically fragmented as tribes). In fact, if you disregard the moderates, they're all equally harmful (maybe Hinduism not so much, but then again I haven't been following Hindu history much).

Christianity isn't an easier target either. It's just a closer one -- and why ignore the elephant in the room?

It's not unfair. It's just the first on the list.

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