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Hinduism - Millions of Gods
RE: Hinduism - Millions of Gods
Someone, make this moron shut the fuck up already. Stupidity and tolerance, both has limit. This idiot seems to cross the limits of both. His own stupidity and my tolerance. This is also the first time I've come across a dog who doesn't shut up when told to do so.
RE: Hinduism - Millions of Gods
Keep quiet, little doggy and I'll reward you with a biscuit.
RE: Hinduism - Millions of Gods
Keep quiet, doggy. And I will reward you with a biscuit.
RE: Hinduism - Millions of Gods
(4th December 2011, 22:40)Forsaken Wrote: Hinduism has millions of Gods. So why are Hindu's still so fucked up in their own country?

Hinduism doesn't anytime say there are millions of Gods, its a grossly wrong perception. All Hindu scriptures unanimously declare ParBhrahm Parmathma or Supreme Consciousness or supreme soul as the ultimate one. Now when I say all scriptures it includes the books related to Hindu Trinity of Gods (Lord Brahma Vishnu Shiva).

In the words of Lord Shiva written as a conversation between him and his consort Devi Parvati in the scripture RudraRahasya; no matter which god, goddess you worship whether you worship me or Indra all your prayers go to that supreme being only.
All gods we call by names in Hinduism are property based (sagun i.e. one which has properties) manifestation of properties less (nirgun i.e. no characteristics) Supreme Consciousness called ParBhrahm Parmatma.

Hinduism is the only Monotheistic religion who believes in formless supreme being in true sense. how? ok let me tell you

- As per Hinduism the ParBrahm Parmatma or supreme consciousness (note that name itself is not rigid rather its a description in itself) is all pervading, formless, colorless, infinite, devoid of any physical attributes and it encompasses everything and anything yet it is ZERO (when people say India invented Zero actually they are referring to this understanding of supreme consciousness described in Hindu scriptures)

- In Islam, the creator of the universe dwell in the Jannat (heaven) and he is not found here on earth which means Allah as described in Quran is not all pervading and is confined to the heaven. Further, Quran talks about the throne of Allah where he would be sitting on the day of judgement at the end of world. therefore, if he sits on throne than he must be having a form which needs throne to sit on.

- In Christianity, we have Trinity where we've father, Son and the holy spirit. Therefore, there a whole family here that too who lives in heaven and not all pervading.

- Buddhism and Jainism doesn't declare a god as such

It pretty much coves most of the popular world religions.
RE: Hinduism - Millions of Gods
Wow, what a necro. You might want to make an intro thread.
In every country and every age, the priest had been hostile to Liberty.
- Thomas Jefferson
RE: Hinduism - Millions of Gods
How do people manage to find these ancient threads...
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RE: Hinduism - Millions of Gods
By typing "hinduism" into the search tab.  

Eat em up beat em up then switch sides.


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