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Important Updates
Important Updates
Some of you have been noticing that the server is getting overloaded a lot more frequently in recent weeks. This is in part due to the growth of the forums we've had this year, and the larger amount of requests it has to handle as a result. We bought this dedicated server almost two years ago, and at the time it handled our needs perfectly well.

However, this is clearly not the case anymore. Our current server has a single-core 2.66 GHz processor, with 2GB of RAM. It costs us roughly $600 a year to lease. Any upgrade from this is going to be more expensive, for obvious reasons, and with all the hassle involved with moving to a new server (as those who experienced the "crash of 2011" will know), we need to think long-term. It's very possible that in the next year or two, the site could double or triple in size, especially with all the things we have planned for the community.

So, we're going to be proactive. We have until 1st April (when our lease runs out) to get a new server, which is just over 3 months to raise the funds. How much? Well, if we're going to be realistic, we're probably looking at double what we pay now for a server that we can use for at least the next few years. That being said, it's really a matter of the more you donate, the more options we have.

To that end, this year we're starting our "Donation Drive" early. It'll officially launch on 1st January, but if you have some money now (or get some over Christmas), the donation link is always the same:

As always, if you donate any amount and can prove it (usually by sending me a PM that includes the email address and amount of donation), you'll get to have a lovely green username, and be forever a member of the "Donators" group.

Finally, if you have any ideas in regard to making more money, or rewarding those who donate, please share them with us!

With that said, I hope you all (atheist and theist alike) have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

-Atheist Forums Staff
RE: Important Updates
I already donated $100 i think?, but i didnt get my green letters!!! Big Grin

I shall donate more in January, how much for green letters and a night with summer? Smile
RE: Important Updates
Can you send me a PM with the donation details (i.e. the email address / name you used to donate with).
RE: Important Updates
(23rd December 2011, 14:24)5thHorseman Wrote: I already donated $100 i think?, but i didnt get my green letters!!! Big Grin

I shall donate more in January, how much for green letters and a night with summer? Smile

I believe she told me it was 2,000 per hour.

...... I'm still saving up Big Grin

(I'd of payed more)
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: Important Updates
2000 what? Big Grin
RE: Important Updates
I have decided I am going to break down and get a checking account after the new year. I would be glad to donate when I do.

RE: Important Updates
I really want to contribute but there's no way in this or any other world I can come close to the amounts mentioned so far. I could manage some sort of lesser, more pocket money amount if it would do any good. Makes me out to be rather cheap though.
Emotions are a weaknes, used to control you. Remove them.
RE: Important Updates

We aren't asking for any specific amount for any member. Donate what you can; even $1 is appreciated. Please don't think you have to donate $20 or $50 or something. Whilst we do get generous donations each year, most of the budget is made up of small donations from lots and lots of members.

We don't judge people on how much they can give; some of our members have great jobs, others are unemployed, some aren't even out of high school. The rules have always been, that if you donate any amount, you qualify for "promotion" to the Donators group.
RE: Important Updates
Not at all stimbo, every bit counts.
RE: Important Updates
Much appreciated, Tiberius (how do you pronounce that, anyway?). I wasn't sure about how this sort of thing works and I got a bit scared off by talk of $100 etc. Plus, as I said, I wasn't all that confident that a mini donation would make much of a dent. However, your words have cleared things up for me; soon as I can manage a donation I'll get in touch. Thanks again.
Emotions are a weaknes, used to control you. Remove them.

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