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Server Updates
Server Updates
Ok, so apologies for not writing this update sooner, but I've been busy with various exams. Only three more to go though, so huzzah!

As I said two weeks ago, we bought a new server with the generous donations received during the donation drive. I have been setting the server up in my free time, and the forums got moved over a few days ago. So we are now running out of a datacenter in Paris on a dedicated machine.

I've configured a few things, but of course there will be more to follow once my exams are out of the way. Currently I've set up webalizer statistics that are viewable by everyone, so you can see how many hits we get, what kind of search results, etc.

I've also added a logging feature to DarwinBot (our IRC bot) which means he is able to store every conversation that happens in the chatroom. I have plans to make the logs public so that people can look back over conversations. For now, the logs are used to generate fun statistics for the chatroom, which can be viewed here. Both the webalizer and the IRC stats update every hour on the hour.

Finally, we have one more staff member lined up for questions. Please send Meatball a private message with your question and he'll answer them at the end of next week (since I lost track of things due to exams).


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