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A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
I got this off of Al Stefanelli's blog, and I'm going to break the rule about quoting long bits, just this once.

I’ve had these words sitting on my hard drive for a while now. They were brilliantly written by a Reddit contributor who goes by the moniker of Schmeelkster, and I want to make sure that he gets due credit for it.

Quote:A Way Of Looking At The Universe…

You are a tiny speck of insignificant biological material in an immense universe that probably defies your brain’s ability of understanding. Yet you are remarkable, in innumerable ways. Every second of every day you are a walking ecosystem of life, housing trillions of microbes that continuously interact with you to keep both you and them alive. Your body is constantly building and rebuilding itself, encoding information on simple strains of molecules at the speed of jet engines, in each and every nucleus-possessing cell in your body. You are a walking, talking, living, breathing orchestra of life, a beautiful display of the potential inherent in our particular universe.

You are the remarkable product of an unbroken, let me say that again, UNBROKEN line of descendants stretching all the way back to the very first interactions of seemingly pointless inanimate molecules. You share a common ancestry with every living thing ever, including the estimated 106 billion humans who have ever lived. You are tied to the trees and the birds and the small phytoplankton that gently ride the crests and dips of the oceans of this world. You are part of the vibrant tapestry of what we refer to as life, a piece of art that stretches back billions upon billions of years. Everything this universe has thrown at you and your ancestors has been roundly defeated – from harsh radiation, to extraterrestrial objects, to volcanic eruptions and more. You are a symbol of utter perseverance, of the sheer will to continue onwards. You are a cry in the dark, the voice of one who will not be quiet.

So now you’ve realized that there is no inherent meaning to existence. So what? This doesn’t mean life has suddenly lost meaning – it means there was no meaning in the first place. So you haven’t actually lost anything. Instead, you have gained a wonderful opportunity. Give existence the meaning it is seeking. MAKE a purpose for yourself. Maybe it should be your kids, or maybe it should be giving from the bounty you have (because let us face reality – if you have an internet connection and personal computer, you are in the top 10%, maybe even the top 1%, of humanity). Maybe you should learn a new skill, explore a new facet of creation that you never realized was open to you.

So why do you teach a toddler how to behave? Because maybe that toddler will be the one to find other life, other existence in our so far lonely universe. Or maybe they will be the father, the mother, the close friend, the lover, the supporter of the one who does. Or maybe they will be the person to speak out at just the right moment, the one to stand up and stand out, who will provide the inspiration, or the moment of connection for the person who does. Or maybe that toddler will be the one to protect the life around us from an otherwise inevitable end, from the sucking void of empty existence that we struggle against every second of our being.

Are you just a breeder? Just biology? What an insult to biology! Just?!? I forgive you, because you know not what you say You are the product of a few basic particles, a few basic forces, yet you are impossibly complex, impossibly intricate. The sheer unlikeliness of your very existence is staggering, and yet here you are. The title of “breeder” is just a single facet of what you are. You can be a teacher, a leader, a thinker, a cook, a scientist, an artist, a musician, a protector, an enlightener, a champion, a peacemaker, a lover, a friend, a companion, a confidant… the list is a vast as the seemingly infinite complexities of neuron interactions in the collection of molecular structures known as cells in your brain.

And let us not end our poetic license there, for if all that is true, than this is also: There is something after death. The part of you that continues to exist in all life around you will never cease to be, not as long as things from this planet continue to live. You will continue on, interminably, from the beginning of life to its end potentially countless aeons from now, if ever. Maybe through some fluke you will be the Eve for humanity in the future, the one woman every human will trace their ancestry back to. Maybe not. But who can tell what the future holds. Rather than collapse under the imagined weight of nothingness, I posit that you should grasp hold of your life, and take it to heights heretofore unseen.
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RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
At the age of five, Skagra decided emphatically that God did not exist.  This revelation tends to make most people in the universe who have it react in one of two ways - with relief or with despair.  Only Skagra responded to it by thinking, 'Wait a second.  That means there's a situation vacant.'
RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
Makes me feel happy Smile
RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
Far too complex for bible-thumping morons, Summer.

They like it short.

"In the beginning......"

That's about the limit of their attention span.
RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
I don't expect them to read it or care, Min, but we deserve to hear and read some good shit once in a while.
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RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
Perhaps if we break it down into small bite-size chunks it won't overload their tiny brains?
RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
I'm really not concerned with anyone who requires someone else to break down a paragraph for them.
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RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
(23rd February 2012, 15:29)Minimalist Wrote: Perhaps if we break it down into small bite-size chunks it won't overload their tiny brains?

I think another way of saying it is "Stop being so stupid you ignorant Stubborn bastard!"
RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
That was an amazing read there, thanks for posting it.
RE: A Near Perfect Reply To Creationists
I'll say that is some good shit ... but reading that quote made me think of an intelligent force/mind/God even more.

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