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Minecraft server
RE: Minecraft server
I shall be digging as far down as I can possibly go. After that, I may build a Colosseum since I am a Roman emperor.
RE: Minecraft server
(April 20, 2012 at 10:04 am)Tiberius Wrote: I shall be digging as far down as I can possibly go. After that, I may build a Colosseum since I am a Roman emperor.

Y: 6, for a flat ground in your colosseum Smile
Please give me a home where cloud buffalo roam
Where the dear and the strangers can play
Where sometimes is heard a discouraging word
But the skies are not stormy all day
RE: Minecraft server
You guys have fun with your quaintly archaic idea of "mining the ground." I shall be unique and mine the sky. 8D


And no the giant 255-block tall tower a chunk or two away from the spawnpoint is NOT ME COMPENSATING.

On the contrary, it is in fact my phallic REPLACEMENT. I just have to figure out how to surgically graft it onto my loins...

Also Vae and Rhythm I'll add you two up in a short bit, feeling kind of dizzy and light-headed, likely due to lack of sleep. Going to try to take a nap, see if my insomnia's gonna break at all, and then I'll add you. I'd do it right now but I have to get on my "minecraft computer" [IE the one that doesn't suck and wasn't made in 2003] to get onto the management program and...that's a bit more effort than I think I can manage at this moment.
RE: Minecraft server
I can build a mean domus/insulae/villa complex around your build Tib....so, should we start getting to ruin maps and make it a legitimate scale build?

(I did a 1:1 Scale of El Castillo awhile back, Meso-american temple complex, even made sure the orientation to the sun was proper)

RE: Minecraft server
Ill come back on your server when I can Creed Big Grin

Hopefully I won't wonder off and die again.
RE: Minecraft server
I went and checked it out, I want to play! I sent you a PM. I have the unfortunate nick of WBmushroomman. I bought a copy of the game for my son and that is the name he likes.
RE: Minecraft server
Ive been checking off and on, can't seem to resolve the IP.

RE: Minecraft server
@Rhythm: Can't resolve IP? Is that what the error message shows? If so, are you sure you have the IP entered in correctly? Stupid question I know but that's what tends to happen sometimes.

Everyone else: I just woke up. 18. hours. Of sleeping. I think my sleep debt is paid in full for the week. Once I fully wake up, I'll go and write up everyone's perms.
RE: Minecraft server
Sorry I haven't joined yet, my laptop died and right now I'm resorting to using... *sigh*... a dell.
I'm in the middle of custom building an overclocked rig on a budget. To give you an idea the case is a HAF X and the cpu is a Phenom II X4 Black Edition both specifically designed for overclocking. I think I'll be able to get it to around 4ghz. First time I've tried this kind of thing but I think this things going to be abit of a beast. At least I hope it is, cost me 600 to get all the parts and I haven't got to buying a copy of Windows 7 yet.
I toyed with getting the very latest parts but that'd be closer to 3000 - 5000 and comparing it to the difference in performance its just not worth the price.
Anyone got any advice in this area?
"Vanity, is definitely my favorite sin." Al Pacino, Devils Advocate.

(July 5, 2012 at 12:47 pm)RaphielDrake Wrote: What? Its a legitimate question. You don't think its important? If you have some kind of information that makes your belief system stand out from the others I think everyone here needs to hear it.
(July 6, 2012 at 3:04 am)fr0d0 Wrote: BTW I've decided that I shouldn't try to out child children. Sorry kids Wink
Translation: Run away! :'(

(July 21, 2012 at 12:11 pm)RaphielDrake Wrote: "What is this accepted interpretation of the Bible passages that talks about Lots daughters getting him drunk specifically to get pregnant? What is the accepted interpretation of the priest and the concubine?"
Once again, answer the questions or retreat fr0d0.
(July 21, 2012 at 12:30 pm)fr0d0 Wrote: Hey Rap ;-)

I don't have an interpretation. Thank you for the complimentary Rabbi status though, I'm suitably flattered. I'll get back to you on your inability to use the internet later. Busy having a life here. I hope that you understand.
Translation: Run away again! :'(
RE: Minecraft server
I bought Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and it's far better than the PC version (ignoring mods).

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