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WOW, the Bible Agress with Atheist!!!!
RE: WOW, the Bible Agress with Atheist!!!!
That's correct chatpilot....The tree is nothing more than a representation of how they feel the holiday itself is and came from in the first place. Not so much that the tree is Satan, but the idea behind it...
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RE: WOW, the Bible Agress with Atheist!!!!
(June 15, 2009 at 9:09 am)infidel666 Wrote: Easter is an old fertility rite. "Easter" comes from "Estrus," and we all know what that is. Eggs and bunnies are the tamed down version of fertility symbols. We should all be eating chocolate penises and marshmallow vulvas.

The constellation Lepus the Hare was associated with the moon. It would become a symbol of renewal, like the moon it would have to be re-born. Eostre was the goddess of renewal. Her early symbol was the moom-hare, which became our Easter Bunny. Eostre was the same as the Egyptian Isis, whose star was Sirius. Their resurrection involve the god Osirus, which was represented by Orion, both located near Lepus.
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RE: WOW, the Bible Agress with Atheist!!!!
Marshmallow vulvas?!

I wanna try that!! YUM!
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