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Movies That Should Have Been Epic
RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
Any movie starring Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise.

Also, War Horse.
RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic

I had such high hopes for a great story and got..

A boring, vapid movie of nothingness and totally unlikable, unrelatable and just pointless characters.

And 4.44 last day on earth.
RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
Minority Report.

(December 21, 2012 at 9:43 am)Dee Dee Ramone Wrote: Any movie starring Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise.

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RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
No, Braveheart was awesome.
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RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
(August 31, 2012 at 5:26 pm)Tiberius Wrote: Have to disagree with your analysis of Starship Troopers. I thought it was a fantastic movie. The fact that soldiers were sent to fight aliens with only guns at their disposal serves to enforce the point about excessive nationalism and militarism. True, it's not what the original author intended the story to be about, but it is how the story was taken by many.
Starship Troopers was a good movie....I was sorely disappointed in the recent remake of the 'Wolfman', (with Anthony Hopkins), although I did like Benicio Del Toro's throw back to Lon Chaney Jr.'s portrayal of the Wolfman....the 2010 remake was slow and boring...no where near the quality of the 1941 original.
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RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
Starship Troopers should've had power-armor.

Anything with power armor is fucking epic. Warhammer 40,000 agrees with me heavily.

Shut up, we're not talking about the early-to-mid-90s games with the live acting in them.

No, seriously, shut up, before I end you. And we're definitely not talking about Dawn of War [the first one].

Let's see. The Last Airbender; a great series ruined by M. Night Shamwow and his utterly predictable lack of storytelling abilities. Brave; hinted at as being Pixar's first forays into genuine darkness, myth, and legend, ruined by the constant switching of directors and writers over the course of its development [something that NEVER works well. EVER]. Super Mario Bros. Seriously, it could have been awesome.

Avatar. If this movie had had stronger storytelling it would've been great. The romance was...meh. It at least had some good moments. The action was pretty cool. The scenery was beautiful [best use of CGI I've seen so far]. Some of the characters were rather relatable. But the story kind of took the environmentalist message and just drilled it into the audiences' heads with jackhammers. I didn't understand what the deal with unobtanium was and...seriously? Unobtanium?? Why not just call it difficulttoacquirium? Or expensivematerialium? Or, more seriously, ulterium? Ulterium sounds awesome. I mean, I get that the corporation in charge wasn't ACTUALLY any kind of public face, it was a private organization with a private mercenary brigade and so you're not supposed to really feel any sympathy towards them at all but you know I think that actually kind of worked against the movie's favor. All the soldiers just whooping and jeering and laughing as they blow the na'vis' heads off just...might as well give them a fucking mustache to twirl. And, seriously, powder-driven ballistic weaponry? Dude...FTL ships but fucking ballistics?? No fucking railguns, gauss drivers, or accelerometric weaponry? No particular-accelerators, ionized photonic weaponry, none of the cool theoretical weaponry we already are showing to be plausible? Just...bullets? Really? Fuck they didn't even use caseless ammunition or bullpup rifles! What the hell, man?! If you're gonna make a futuristic military faction, give them some fitting gear other than just headless mech suits. And seriously, mechs? Power armor, man. POWERED ARMOR. GIVE THE FUCKERS SOME DAMN POWERED ARMOR. WHY DOES EVERY FILM MAKER KEEP PASSING ON THE POWERED ARMOR?! POWERED ARMOR IS AWESOME!

Those are the only ones coming to mind for now. I'll think of more later.
RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
"The Hobbit"

I greatly detested "Peter Jackson rewrites entire chapters" segments.

Especially the voiding of the "Bilbo is not going to fight. Ever." scene that appeared no less than 5 minutes before.

Honestly, between Middle-America Obese fat-man goblin and the white ork that didn't appear at all in the book or any other adaptation who treated us to his shitty slowly blargled soliloquies, I think Peter Jackson should be flogged publicly for taking his amazingly distinguished works like the Lord of the Rings and jumping the shark.
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RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
If I can be honest, sometimes Mr. Tolkien tended to ramble on a bit pointlessly in some of his descriptions and scenes. A rewrite, albeit a very, very gentle one, wouldn't be a bad thing. But given how some movie adaptations go [cough cough Resident Evil cough cough Every Fucking Video Game Movie Ever Made cough cough the Harry Potter movies ahem], Peter Jackson is a pickpocket in the world court of creative crimes.
RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
I felt that the hobbit was just 'out of the frying pan, into the fire', for about 2 straight hours with a bit of a break in Rivendel. Just felt off to me.
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RE: Movies That Should Have Been Epic
There are a few movies that I think should've been better. One is the made for T.V. movie, "IT". That movie should NEVER had be made for T.V. I read the book a year or so before it came out and was completely disappointed. And I will have to agree with the Resident Evil movies. These were horrible. Why did it take 2 movies to actually get characters from the games into them?

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