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What else need be said? Anyone else play?
RE: Minecraft

It`s basicaly nothing put putting logs on top each other.
RE: Minecraft
Then you're doing it wrong Germans. I build automated slaughterhouses, functional replicas of complicated printed circuit boards, and violent rube goldberg machines. That's before we even start talking tekkit mod. Yes, a few of us play. A few run servers, mod servers, etc.

I also do the boring stuff, like building entire themed towns (late medieval and steampunk being my favorites)
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RE: Minecraft
"putting logs on top each other?" No! It is a fighting monsters, building castles, sandbox game. It's awesome.
RE: Minecraft
That little game that comes with Windows?!
My ignore list

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-- George Yorgo Veenhuyzen quoted by John W. Loftus in The End of Christianity (p. 103).
RE: Minecraft
erm, people if you don't know what it is I urge you to look it up.
RE: Minecraft
But I already made the decision to spend most of my time posting my opinions, which dont matter, on forums for people to read, who dont care.
RE: Minecraft
Well played
RE: Minecraft
Please I dont mean to be mean.

Certainly must be fun, I just dont see how it can be. I rather spend my time within the digital world doing very bad things.
RE: Minecraft
We have a minecraft server running, though it's probably out of date at the moment: http://atheistforums.org:8123/

Edit: Just updated it. Big Grin

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