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Poll: What do you think of this south park script?
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I dunno I haven't seen the episode. I'd have to watch it first.
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Script for the south park episode featuring dawkins
Script for the south park episode featuring dawkins
What's do you think of this south park script that parodies dawkins? Is it funny or just plain horrible? Or in-between?

Script for the south park episode featuring dawkins:http://www.spscriptorium.com/Season10/E1012script.htm

I wonder if dawkins knows about this episode lol....

I like south park but I also like dawkins a lot too....obviously it's just a stupid piss-take. It could feel kind of insulting if you're a dawkins fan like me though lol.

Quote:Father: Principal Victoria, we are a devout Catholic family! Do you mind telling me why my daughter now thinks she's a retarded fish-frog?!
Mrs. Garrsion: I told you this would happen, didn't I?!
Principal Victoria: Mr. Triscotti, I wasn't aware that-
Mr. Triscotti: We have worked years to instill the teachings of Jesus Christ into our daughter, and in one fell swoop, you try to destroy everything we did!
Mrs. Garrsion: I hear ya.
Principal Victoria: Sir, if you don't wish your daughter to learn about evolution, then we can pull her out of class.
Mr. Triscotti: You most certainly will!
Daughter: But Dad, I want to learn everything.
Mr. Triscotti: No you don't! Shut up! [takes his daughter and leaves the room]
Mrs. Garrsion: Well, I told you. We should leave evolution out of the classrooms.
Principal Victoria: It has become obvious to me that you don't know enough about evolution to teach it! I'm having you replaced! Mr. Dawkins! [Mr. Dawkins enters the office]
Mrs. Garrsion: Re-replaced??
Principal Victoria: Richard Dawkins is a world-renowned evolutionary scientist.
Mr. Dawkins: [courteously] Charmed to meet you. Ms...
Mrs. Garrsion: Shut up, faggot! Principal Victoria, I can teach my own class!
Principal Victoria: You are to sit in class and help Mr. Dawkins with whatever he needs!
[Mrs. Garrison's classroom. Richard Dawkins is the guest teacher now. He takes some chalk and .]
Mr. Dawkins: Over billions of years life has evolved from simple one-celled organisms into all the complex life we see around us. [although all the kids have pencil and paper out ready to take notes, only Kyle is actually writing anything as Dawkins lectures. Mr. Dawkins himself delivers his lecture in a scholarly voice.]
Mrs. Garrison: Whatever.
Mr. Dawkins: [glances over, then continues] It was changes in hereditary traits that allowed the first mammals to breath in the air.
Mrs. Garrison: [relating Dawkin's points to his own] Retarded fish-frogs.
Mr. Dawkins: [a bit shocked] Ms. Garrision, I believe that's a gross over-simplification.
Mrs. Garrison: Well, you're a faggot! [the look of shock returns to Dawkins.] Continue.
Mr. Dawkins: You see, children, life has the amazing ability to change, to adapt. Like changing us to the point that we walk upright.
Mrs. Garrison: So you are saying that we're all related to monkeys.
Mr. Dawkins: [puts the chalk in the holder below the blackboard] Well yes, basically, we are.
Mrs. Garrison: Do you see monkeys at the zoo?! They crap in their hands and throw it at people!
Mr. Dawkins: Ms. Garrison, this isn't theory, it is scientific fact!
Mrs. Garrison: What about the fact that if I believe in this crap, you're gonna go to hell?! Doesn't that bother you a little?
Mr. Dawkins: Actually, no. Because I'm an atheist.
Mrs. Garrison: [rises and walks up to him] AHA! I've got you, you snake in the grass!! I found you out!!
Mr. Dawkins: I never covered it up.
Mrs. Garrison: And if I'm a monkey, then I might as well act like a monkey, huh?! [begins to dance around like a monkey, hooting and hollering. He lowers his pants and poops into his left hand.]
Mr. Dawkins: What on earth are you doing?? [now Butters is the one taking notes]
Mrs. Garrison: Don't ask me, I'm a fuckin' monkey!! [throws the log of feces at Dawkins and gets him on his forehead and on the left side of his sweater]
Mr. Dawkins: AAAH!
RE: Script for the south park episode featuring dawkins
Richard Dawkins complained that the least they could have done was get someone with a British accent. I loved the episode. If we can't laugh at ourselves we aren't open minded Big Grin
RE: Script for the south park episode featuring dawkins
Me2; because I HAVE seen it once myself I DID find it funny....but the problem is that was over two years ago before I even knew who Dawkins WAS(IS?) so I'd find it a lot funnier if I watched it now lol.

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